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Commander Report
Commander crew 154

All systems except power generation nominal, crew is in a good shape.

Morning filming ni the crew quarters followed by filming in airlocks and bootom deck has been
interrupted by power outage. We received support very soon. DG switched the generators. the
primary generator may need some spare parts / may not be repairable. We are running on backup
power generator that is much more silent. So far we are not experienceing any power fluctuations.

The filming continues until now outside as simulated EVA 200 m from the hab. Hab is obviously
important landmark for the film.

We noticed that hab roof is not water tight. The roof leaks during light rain in the place of the
dining table (approximately) and the air exhaust in the roof tip is a great access for heavy
rains. It may need larger rooftip overhang.

We had two tourist visitors today from Ukraine - polite gentlemen did not interfere with our activities.

Plans for tomorrow are similar to those today - intensive filming with the whole crew from morning
till evening.