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Commander Report
Commander crew 154

All systems stable, crew tired but OK.
We were looking for possible unbalanced power drain but did not find anything inside the hab. The
backup CAT generator runs silently but we noticed that it irregularly "hicks" time to time. The
power fluctuations were noticeable all morning when there were strong winds outside. Is it
possible that strong wind could have impact on power as well?  I was looking for possible
unbalanced power drain but i did not find anything inside the hab.

Also it felt like the tip of the habitat will fly away as the wooden cover was bending out a
little due to the winds.

Our crew is resting today, (folks were filming only from 6 am - 8 am when the sunlight has the
righ intensity required by the camera director. Crew were happy to crash in beds in the morning
and is preparing their roles for tomorrow and is processing data from shooting.

Film crew is recovering resources with their RV at Hanksville since early afternoon.

The schedule is super tight and the script is still being optimised but we have recorded
approximately 65 % of all scenes. If all goes as it des at the moment we should be able to record
all material needed for the film.

Test deployment of the self-deployable habitat was not performed yet due to the strong winds or rain. We may test it later
in the evening just in front of the habitat.