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//Begin transmission///

Journalist report


Hello Earth!

Today we recharged ourselves. We woke up at 5:30 AM and went filming to the countryside. It was beautiful sunrise. Around 9 AM we finished our morning scenes and went back to habitat for huge breakfast - omelette with cheddar cheese (all dried food). After that begun our first day off. People were relaxing, film crew went with RW to Hanksvile. Me with the director were  working whole day on script - rewriting lot of scenes, making last changes. So we were sitting in habitat and creating that whole day.  Around midday, we went outside and realized we had to run right back inside - some kind of small tornado went around, took our trash bin and threw all the trash around, to the desert. It was so quick, we couldn’t do anything, so after it disappeared I walked with the plastic bag trying to get all the mess. At the moment we’re still writing, while our commander is testing self-deployable habitat. 

Psycologically we have to prepare for next week, which is gonna be tough and hard - waking up early, filming in space suits, acting dramatic scenes, and so on. 

Hope Mars will help us with that.

Ad Astra!

Tereza Nvotova

Crew journalist, crew 154

///End of transmission///