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Journalist Report
26 OCT 2015
Cassandra Klos
Crew Journalist/Artist-in-Residence

We have finally reached the last night before we enter simulation. We have already been here a few days, cleaning, painting, organizing, and working hard to make sure the Station will be in tip-top shape for the rest of the season. Tomorrow morning, we will officially be on Mars.

The crew has gotten along great so far! We have started to learn about one another, notably Sam’s audiobook obsession and Jackelynne’s playlist of Hispanic music and 90s tunes. Today we finished up the last of the painting, dissembled the back airlock deck, and Commander Paul suggested a Martian picnic on the top of a nearby bluff. It was exactly what the crew needed, and while we filled our bellies with pepperonis and tortillas, Paul educated us on the local wildlife and geology of the area.

Later in the day, I showed off my large format camera and we started to move into our staterooms.

Morale is high now that we all feel more settled in and comfortable in our spaces. A short time later, we all put on our spacesuits for the first time. We don’t look too shabby! We took our group photo (as well as few group selfies) and got right back to work in the Station.

As I write, Jackelynne is arranging our dining area, Sam is starting prep on dinner, and Hung, Stergios, and Paul are all doing engineer tasks. I better go make myself useful!

Until tomorrow, Mission Support!