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27 OCT 2015
Cassandra Klos
Crew Journalist/Artist-in-Residence

After a few issues late last night, we unfortunately did not enter simulation today. Despite this, we were able to continue our refit obligations on schedule. The morning hours were occupied with a complete clean of the outside water tank. We felt very accomplished by this task, as it seems the tank hadn’t been cleaned since MDRS began. Inside the Hab, Stergios and Jackelynn figured out all the electrical outlets and paired them with their circuits on the circuit breaker. I patched and painted some of the spots on the walls of Deck 2, and also kept up on some much needed sweeping on Deck 1. For lunch, Sam treated us to a celery and potato soup and wheat bread! This was especially a feat because our oven isn’t functional, so Sam made a dutch oven on the stove. Besides the burned bottoms, it was actually very decent for what it was.

In the afternoon, Sam and Hung worked on writing a research proposal to grow radishes in the GreenHab during our rotation. I think they were inspired by the Embry-Riddle group that stopped by a few days ago to set up their hydroponic planting system. After a long day of hard work, Commander Paul treated us to driving us to the nearby dinosaur quarry. It was good to feel the fresh air in our lungs.

My stomach grumbles as I type. Paul is making dinner tonight and I’m excited to see what he makes, as a seasoned MDRS veteran! Hung is hanging out at the dinner table, Stergios and Jackelynn are doing a much needed reorganization of the pantry, Sam is no where that I can see him, and Paul is typing up his Commander Report.

Hopefully tomorrow we will officially be on Mars, in simulation. Until then, Mission Support.