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28 OCT 2015
Cassandra Klos
Crew Journalist/Artist-in-Residence

Greetings from Mars, Mission Support!

Upon waking this morning, we realized the Station had officially arrived on Mars! After a few days on board, it’s a great feeling to finally arrive safely and in good spirits. The crew woke up and eagerly jumped into the breakfast routine — I think everyone has figured out their favorite breakfast foods at this point. Commander Paul went over the itinerary for the day, which includes our very first EVAs!

After we were all ready for the day, Paul went over spacesuit protocol and safety. I can say without question that all the crew members were excited to put on the suits. Three EVAs were performed today, two in the morning and one in the afternoon. The first consisted of Sam, Hung, and Paul to check security of the area. The second consisted of Jackelynne, Stergios, Paul, and myself to work on clearing the new deck area and check the perimeter.

We then came inside for mid-day meal that Paul made for us — chicken and cheese burritos. They were delicious and a solid staple for future meals. We were then all given a few hours of personal time, university assignments for some and napping for others. Around 1600, Sam, Stergios, and I all headed out for the last EVA for the day. We documented nearby geological formations and checked out a questionable piece of debris a short walking distance from the Hab. It was a great chance for us to get used to our spacesuits and survey they surrounding landscape!

Jackelynne is making dinner tonight, a chicken and rice dish of some sort. It’s still in the works, but it smells delicious and the smell is permeating both decks. Everyone is in great spirits and morale is very high. I have suggested a movie night tonight, so after dinner we will be watching the Pixar movie, Inside Out. It has been a superb day, I can’t wait for what is in store tomorrow.

Signing off,