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Cassandra Klos
Crew Journalist/Artist-in-Residence

It’s a cloudy day on Mars but we are still working hard here at MDRS. Commander gave us an extra half hour of sleep this morning, which I think we all desperately needed. We ate breakfast and started on our day with a morning EVA consisting of Hung, Stergios, and Sam. They worked on clearing the insufficient soil for the engineering airlock deck we will hopefully build during out rotation, and also tested out their driving skills on the Mars rovers. Upon to their return to the airlock for decompression, an issue with a faulty wire created a scary few minutes for our crew as Commander talked them through the proper procedure. Eventually they were able to return into the Hab without any issue.

We were given a bit of personal time before lunch, which consisted of chicken burritos. After lunch, another EVA was held which Sam, Jackelynne, Paul, and myself executed. We hauled several wheelbarrows full of Martian soil to the location of the new engineering airlock deck and completed our engineering tasks for the day. In the last half hour of the EVA, I was able to photograph XO Jackelynne for my photography project before we headed in for the night.

Stergios made us a delicious meal of tomato sauce and turkey SPAM over pasta tonight, which was the epitome of Martian cuisine. We are now relaxing a bit before we (hopefully) dive into a game of Cards Against Humanity. Until tomorrow, Mission Support.

Signing off,