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30 OCT 2015
Cassandra Klos
Crew Journalist/Artist-in-Residence

What a tiring day it has been on Mars it has been! There’s not too much to report, as there has just been a consistency of work. I have been on both the morning and afternoon EVAs, both jammed packed with work on the pressurized tunnel that leads to the GreenHab. We lifted and secured all the infrastructure panels to the Greenhab and continued to fill in the awkward gaps. The crew members inside the Hab worked on labeling the electrical system.

Hung made us some authentic Pho for lunch which was delightful! We continued tunnel work on the afternoon EVA but unfortunately our EVA was cut short when Jackelynne and Hung reported an impending dust storm headed in the direction of the MDRS. We hurried in with all the supplies and called it a day.

We are all relaxing now after eating dinner. Tomorrow is Halloween and our day off from work EVAs so I’m excited to get a good night sleep tonight!

Signing off,