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Cassandra Klos

Crew Journalist/Artist­in­Residence

We were bombarded by film crew people early this morning. Mars got a visit today by Wu

Tang Clan Earthling “GZA” and his crew to film a segment about us for his new science-

oriented television program, “That’s Genius!” We were very fortunate for their interest in

the Mars Desert Research Station. We learned how much effort goes into making a

television segment as GZA interviewed Commander Paul throughout the decks, the

GreenHab, and in our Martian environment. How did Ripley deal with all the camera crew

on the Nostromos? Alas, the production crew reported that they had a great time here

and GZA even took a joy ride on one of our rovers to get the full experience.

Unfortunately, this soaked up most of our day so we did not get any further on our many

construction projects around the Hab. The weather has continued to be hazardous as the

high winds and dust have continued to be an issue (both with filming and with keeping up

maintenance). We’re all relaxing now on Deck 2, hopefully the weather will clear by


Signing off,