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MDRS Crew 155 Daily Summary Report for Sol 13

Summary Title (your day in less that ten words)
Engineering area wall and engineering airlock refinement, and radio signal survey

Mission Status:  (How are things going?)
The crew feels accomplished for all the things we have been performing to improve the MDRS hab

Sol Activity Summary: (What did you learn/do today?)
Finalized engineering area wall and beautified it
Spackled and painted other areas in the first level of the hab
Installed a white plastic sheathing on the engineering airlock walls
Continued with temperature readings of the greenhab (see attached)
Performed radio signal survey to find a good location for future installation of internet/phone tower to improve communication (see attached for GPS coordinates)

Look Ahead Plan: (How are you going to follow up?  What’s the plan for tomorrow?)
Work on loft area to convert it into a sleeping area (alternative stateroom)

Anomalies in work:  (Any problems?)
Not applicable

~15 degrees in average

Crew Physical Status:
Feeling somewhat tired and dusty (from all the sand work inside the hab) but still with energy and accomplished

EVA: (where did you go?)

Reports to be filed: (List them)
See the following excel file reports attached
- Greenhab temperature readings taken during the past few days are attached.  These readings were taken to support the experiment of the ERAU team, for which they have two thermometers on two of their tanks, and they were compared to the greenhab inner temperature and outside temperature.
- Radio signal survey

Support Requested:
Not applicable.

Respectfully Submitted,
Jackelynne Silva-Martinez
Executive Officer, MDRS Crew 155