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MDRS CREW 155 - SOL 14
Cassandra Klos
Crew Journalist/Artist-in-Residence

Good evening, Mission Support. While I am usually early with my
reports, I was in charge of preparing dinner tonight so that ate up
some of my time. I made spaghetti with a creamy garlic sauce. Everyone
seemed to enjoy it. I think at this point we have tried every
iteration of spaghetti sauces. I can’t say I will miss spaghetti it
once I am back on Earth.

Today was a very busy day. Paul worked very hard to enclose the 7th
stateroom with the help of Stergios and Hung. We were all doing small
odd jobs all day — taking food inventory for the next crew, checking
smoke detectors for dead batteries, and other tasks to make sure Crew
156 will be all set when they get here tomorrow.

I was tasked to create the crew video, so I spent most of my day doing
that. Later in the day I realized I needed some filler footage, so I
grabbed a couple crewmembers and we had a media-based EVA. I’ve
attached a screenshot of a sneak peek. I’m very excited to share it
once I’m back on Earth!

That’s basically it. I made dinner, we’re all relaxing now. Stergios
and Hung are watching “Anger Management,” Sam is doing yoga, Paul is
running around (per usual), and I think Jacky is taking temperature

Expect an unusually long journalist report tomorrow for the last day!

Signing off,
Cassandra Klos