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MDRS Daily Summary Report for Sol 15

Summary Title (your day in less that ten words)
Welcomed Crew 156

Mission Status:  (How are things going?)
First Engineers Refit Crew wants to thank the support of the Mars Society volunteers during our mission.  We took the challenge to improve the MDRS hab not because it was easy but because it was hard.  We hope other crews appreciate our efforts and take care of the hab.  As in any project, there is always room for improvement.  Having another refit mission in sim with the right tools and materials would definitely be possible.  Something to keep in mind for an actual mission to Mars.

Sol Activity Summary: (What did you learn/do today?)
Made the last touch ups to the 7th stateroom
Cleaned up the hab and made a trip to the storage unit in town bringing painting items and other supplies
Took care of diesel situation since we lost power yesterday night
Picked up some food supply (what was available in the MDRS food storage area) for Crew 156
Welcomed Crew 156 at Hanksville and brought them to MDRS
Gave a tour and trained them on all the hab systems

Look Ahead Plan: (How are you going to follow up?  What’s the plan for tomorrow?)
Hand over the hab to Crew 156 and depart.  Best wishes to all crew rotation during the 2015-2016 season.

Anomalies in work:  (Any problems?)
Not applicable

~17degC degrees in average

Crew Physical Status:
Accomplished with all the work we have performed to improve MDRS for future crews

EVA: (where did you go?)

Reports to be filed: (List them)
Hab Electrical System and Diagrams attached.  There is also a hard copy of the diagrams near the AC Breaker Panel.

Support Requested:
Not applicable.

Respectfully Submitted,
Jackelynne Silva-Martinez
Executive Officer, MDRS Crew 155