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MDRS Daily Summary Report for Sol 15


Summary Title (your day in less that ten words)

Welcome to Mars!


Mission Status:  (How are things going?)

Things have gone well today.  Our primary focus today has been to reinforce the orientation provided by the prior crew yesterday, get unpacked and used to our surroundings.  We have taken some time prior to going into sim this evening to take in our surroundings and get the lay of the land.


Sol Activity Summary: (What did you learn/do today?)

Supply run this morning.

Unpack our gear, get the Hab organized over latter morning and early afternoon.

Explore the area around the Hab over the course of the afternoon.

Started working towards our daily routine and task assignment.

Enter sim this evening.

Assign roles for daily tasks, showering, etc.

Aerospace medicine lecture intro, team building exercises.


Look Ahead Plan: (How are you going to follow up?  What’s the plan for tomorrow?)

We will start EVAs tomorrow.  We will be continuing our aerospace medicine curriculum.


Anomalies in work:  (Any problems?)

Not applicable



Avg approximately 50 degrees F


Crew Physical Status:

Well rested.


EVA: (where did you go?)

No EVA by crew today.  Leadership scouted area today with radio communication checks and location scouting for upcoming EVAs.


Reports to be filed: (List them)

Commander, XO, Crew Journalist, Engineering reports


Supports Requested:

Refill water tank

ATV gasoline canister refill


Respectfully Submitted,

Kyle Brown

Executive Officer, MDRS Crew 156