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Commander Report

9 November 2015 – Sol 2

Ben Easter




Mission Support,

The crew was happy to settle into the Hab last night. We are a little bit larger than standard, at 8, but two of us have found a cozy spot in the 7th stateroom in the loft. We settled into schedules of cooking and cleaning today.

We received conflicting information yesterday with respect to our EVA. At one point during comms, we received an email stating our EVA had been approved. Thus, we performed one EVA today and tested responses to a tear in the astronaut’s spacesuit. One crew member experienced simulated Decompression Sickness, and required treatment with overpressurization of their suit, application of the Hab Bends Treatment Apparatus, and an “overpressurization” of the airlock. Fortunately, they are doing fine.

It was not until I opened email for comms now that I saw information about needing to file an EVA report on HALpr by 1930 the day prior. Please advise. Commander Bakken told me that HALpr is not operational at this time, and I cannot find information on the appropriate formatting of this report. We would like to perform an EVA tomorrow, and can file the pre-report before the end of comms if the format is sent to us.

We still have not received our resupply of water or gasoline. In addition, the trash is beginning to overflow and a number of bags were blown from the bins in today’s winds. Mattresses did not arrive today either. We are ok without mattresses, but getting low on water and have no gasoline resupply. Following on the multiple requests placed by the prior crew, please resupply as soon as possible.

XO, Engineering, and Journalist reports to follow.

Thank you for supporting our fantastic day on Mars!

Respectfully submitted,

Ben Easter

Commander, MDRS Crew 156