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Engineering Report


Date: 09 November 2015

Crew Engineer Name: Joshua Timpe

Diesel – 22% 

Propane – 40% (gauge at the top of the tank)

Gasoline (5 Gal for ATV) – 5% (needs refill)

Water (trailer) – 9 cm from the bottom (needs refill)  

Water (static) – 59 cm from the top 

Trailer to Static Pump used - No

Water (loft) – 39 gallons

Static to Loft Pump used - Yes

Water Meter 101.078.470 Gallons on arrival (08/11/2015)

Atv # Oil Checked: Oil indicators are checked 

Atv # Fuel Used Gals: 4.75 gallons (since last refill of 5 gal tank)

Atv # Tires Status: Good condition (arrival)

Atv # Hours Used Day: 4 Atv for 1.0 hour (used for EVA)

Atv # Notes And Comments:  Gasoline Tank for ATVs and Trailer water tank both still need refill.

Summary of Engineering activities:

    Checked fuel stores for Hab and ATVs
    Checked water stores

Questions and Concerns to Mission Support: There is a new red ATV outside Hab with the key in the ignition and tank is full of gas.  Please advise is ATV is intended for our use.