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MDRS Daily Summary Report for Sol 2

Summary Title (your day in less that ten words)
The Space Bends

Mission Status:  (How are things going?)
Mission is going well.  We are enjoying didactics and immersive sim.  EVA today was enriching for all involved. We are adapting to life inside the Hab, enjoying the creativity needed for preparing daily meals.  

Sol Activity Summary: (What did you learn/do today?)
We enjoyed group breakfast, then lecture on dive medicine and decompression illness and how it relates to space travel.  We also had practical ultrasound lectures on renal ultrasound and ultrasound guided intravenous access with opportunity to practice on fellow crew mates.  We had our first EVA, which involved travel with ATVs to nearby gulley.  We had three simulated objectives in the gulley.  We then had a simulated medical scenario on the EVA.

Look Ahead Plan: (How are you going to follow up?  What’s the plan for tomorrow?)
We plan on similar activities tomorrow, likely more didactics and an EVA with associated simulated medical scenario.  We will also be having “book club” from selected readings about the MIR incident.  Selected crew members will give short lectures on the physiology of space travel daily.

Anomalies in work:  (Any problems?)
We were expecting shipment of mattresses today.  We are also anticipating water delivery.  One suite had expired light bulb, now had functioning light after switching bulb from a desk lamp.  There was also a red ATV that was present at the Hab this morning.  We are unsure who left it there or if we are cleared to use the ATV.

Fair, very cool mornings but warm afternoons requiring little other than flight suit and underlying layer.  Mild winds this afternoon.  Skies have been clear.

Crew Physical Status:
No issues to date.

EVA: (where did you go?)
Approximately 1-2 miles southwest of the Hab.

Reports to be filed: (List them)
Engineering, XO, Journalist, Commander

Support Requested:
Water refill highest priority.
ATV gas canister refill needed.
Mattress delivery is low priority.
Trash trailer is somewhat overflowing.  Some bags are getting blown off the trailer in high winds.

Respectfully Submitted,
Kyle Brown
Executive Officer, MDRS Crew 156