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Commander Report

10 November 2015 – Sol 3

Ben Easter





Mission Support,


We are happy to report another excellent day on Mars. We are in sim. Crew awoke around 0700 and had breakfast. We then had a presentation on medical contingencies during EVA, followed by a prep for this morning’s EVA. The operational goal of this EVA was to evaluate sites for a communications relay on a hill south of the Hab. With one crew on the top of the hill serving as a communications relay, the Hab team was able to speak to a team approximately 5 kilometers away along Cow Dung Road.


During descent of the hill, a crew member suffered a simulated fall, which a tear in their suit as well as a long bone fracture of the left leg. Remaining crew had to patch the suit, splint the extremity, and assist with evacuation to the Hab. Once at the Hab, the injured crewmember was removed from the suit and fully assessed for other traumatic injuries. Crew then discussed reduction of a grossly dislocated extremity.


After lunch, all crew had a personal day. Many continued our readings from the book Dragonfly, which details the challenges of US astronauts on Mir.


We also had a very exciting conversation today with physician, US astronaut, and current ISS resident Kjell Lindgren. Kjell shared with us some of his experiences from his 5 months on ISS so far. The crew was very excited to hear from Kjell, and all felt that it was a highlight of our time so far.


In terms of logistics, we have not yet received any re-supply, and continue to be very low on water and have no spare gasoline. We have instituted a no shower policy to conserve water. We read the messages during last comm window on the red ATV. We attempted to start this today to move it to a more convenient parking location, but were unable to do so. We have attempted to contain the trash as much as possible though it has been difficult because of the high winds.


Astronomy report, yesterday’s EVA report, and tomorrow’s EVA request all follow below.

Daily Summary, Engineering, and Journalist reports to follow.


Thank you for everything you do!


Respectfully submitted,


Ben Easter

Commander, MDRS Crew 156