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EVA #1 Report

EVA Number (for mission, sequential numbering): Crew 156, EVA 1

EVA date: 11-9-15

Purpose of EVA: Recovery of “Satellite debris”, Collection of Geologic and Soil Samples

Objectives Met: Yes, but EVA complicated by simulation of crew member with tear in suit. Suit required patching. Crew member initially feeling ok, but later developed symptoms of musculoskeletal DCS. Group responded with local pressure and over-pressurizing suit. Crew member initially stabilized, but then developed symptoms of neurologic DCS. EVA terminated and evac’ed to Hab. In Hab, performed DCS treatment with leaving crew member in suit, applying bends treatment apparatus, and overpressuring airlock. Crew member recovered well.

Approximate location of EVA, in relation to hab: South approx. .5 km

Number of EVA crewmembers: 4

ATV 1 used: Yes

ATV 2 used: Yes

ATV 3 used: Yes

ATV 4 used: Yes

EVA depart time: 11:00

EVA return time: 13:00


EVA #3 Request

Purpose of EVA: Simulation of Medical Contingency Scenarios during EVA

Number of crewmembers on EVA: 4

Destination: Unable to access coordinates on HALpr. Location along Cow Dung Road north of Hab

EVA planned start time: 1300

EVA duration: 2 hours

EVA planned end time: 1500

Using ATVs? Yes (will use only along road)

How many ATVs will be used? 4