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MDRS Crew 156 

Another great day on Mars for crew 156! Following breakfest, our day started with a very interesting  video lecture on medical considerations for ‘‘Off-Planet Medical Prepardness’’.  Today’s EVA included some communication relaying and a simulated medical evacuation. Very challenging but load of fun! We then feasted on a pot-pourri lunch of beans, chips and dried bananas.

The highlight of the day came when we received a call just after lunch from American astronaut Kjell Lindgren! Kjell is curently on the International Space Station since launching July 22nd of this year. We had a chance to chat with him on his current mission and recent EVAs. He’ll hopefully keep an eye out and snap a picture of the MDRS!

With all of today’s excitement, we decided to relax a bit with some down time and a movie.  Not sure how we’ll top todays day but tomorrow will surely hold new adventures!

Justin Kahalé

Crew Journalist, Crew 156 Journalist Report