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MDRS Daily Summary Report for Sol 3, 11/10/15

Tread Carefully on Mars

We have settled into our daily routine.  After a group breakfast, we had a video lecture on medical contingency planning when embarking on a mission to space.   We learned that much of the foundation for delivering good EMS care apply also to space travel.  However, as to be expected, one will find that ambulances are tough to find 225 million kilometers from Earth.  We discussed how seemingly routine procedures can be complicated on the Martian surface and in microgravity.  After lecture, we had our second EVA.  It consisted of a communication relay south of the Hab.  Part of our team climbed to higher elevation while the rest of the team proceeded south to test the limits of our radio contact.  On the descent, we had a simulated medical emergency in which a crew member fell, sustained an open lower extremity fracture that punctured the suit.  We encountered first-hand the complexities of medical assessment, management, and evacuation while considering the added complexities of communication difficulties. We also had a great opportunity to take a phone call from the ISS!

Tomorrow, we will continue our daily routine tomorrow with didactics, book club, and EVA as long as the weather stays fair.

We have been eagerly anticipating a water tank resupply that has not yet arrived.  Our trash trailer continues to pile up and is at risk of blowing trash across the desert in high winds.

Weather was overcast but pleasant pleasant morning.  Winds picked up this afternoon and the temperature has cooled somewhat.  This evening the wind has picked up and we are currently under a winter weather advisory until 10 PM.

Crew Physical Status:
No issues to date.

Reports to be filed: 
Engineering, XO, Journalist, Commander

Support Requested:
Water refill highest priority.
ATV gas canister refill needed.
Mattress delivery is low priority.
Trash trailer is somewhat overflowing.  Some bags are getting blown off the trailer in high winds.

EVA #2 Report
EVA Number (for mission, sequential numbering): Crew 156, EVA 2
EVA date: 11-10-15
Purpose of EVA: Communication relay, medical simulation of extremity injury with suit penetration
Objectives Met: Yes, tested limitations of radio communication around the Hab and south of the Hab.  We were also able to simulate a crew member having a fall with lower extremity open fracture and suit penetration.  The team assessed the injury, managed the injury in the field, then worked together to evacuate the patient to the Hab.
Approximate location of EVA, in relation to hab: South approx. 1 km
Number of EVA crewmembers: 6
ATV 1 used: Yes
ATV 2 used: Yes
ATV 3 used: Yes
ATV 4 used: Yes
EVA depart time: 0900
EVA return time: 1100

Respectfully Submitted,
Kyle Brown
Executive Officer, MDRS Crew 156