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Commander Report

11 November 2015 – Sol 4

Ben Easter





Mission Support,


An excellent Sol here on Mars. Very high winds last night, and the Hab got fairly cold, but surprisingly little precipitation. This morning, we reviewed contingency protocols for radiation sickness as well as gender differences in human spaceflight.


This afternoon, we performed an EVA to study some rock formations in the area north of the Hab. While the EVA team was out, we received notice of a simulated solar particle event with approximately 60 minutes notice. The Hab team started preparations for a radiation storm shelter, including selection of an area in the Hab and initial construction. The EVA team made preparations for an outdoor storm shelter, and then was able to come into the Hab after determining that they had not been contaminated.


We enjoyed a excellent dinner of Martian curry. During dinner, we received shipment of 7 mattresses and 2 air mattresses. The range was also delivered and placed in the lab until it can be installed. DG also reports that we will receive water tomorrow.


We also continued our study of spaceflight accidents, reading about the collision of the Progress vehicle with Mir.


We continue to run low on water, and based on our current daily rate of water consumption, we have enough water to last to tomorrow evening. We did place the pump in the trailer tank, and were able to extract approximately 3-4 gallons, but nothing else. We are reassured by our conversation with DG today, but will have to abandon sim tomorrow night if water does not come. We are also hopeful that more gasoline will come as well.


Otherwise, all crew continues to do well, and we are all thankful for our time here.


Daily Summary, Engineering, Journalist, HSO, and EVA reports to follow. No astronomy report because of high winds and clouds last night.


Respectfully submitted,


Ben Easter

Commander, MDRS Crew 156