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Engineering Report


Date: 11 November 2015

Crew Engineer Name: Joshua Timpe
Diesel – 16%
Propane – 38% (gauge at the top of the tank)
Gasoline (5 Gal for ATV) –
0% (needs refill)
Water (trailer) – 0 cm from the bottom (needs refill)
Water (static) – 87 cm from the top
Trailer to Static Pump used - No
Water (loft) – 40 gallons
Static to Loft Pump used - Yes
Water Meter 101.078.470 Gallons on arrival (08/11/2015)
Atv # Oil Checked: Oil indicators are checked
Atv # Fuel Used Gals: >5.0 gallons (since last refill of 5 gal tank) Atv # Tires Status: Good condition (arrival)
Atv # Hours Used Day: 4 Atv for 1.0 hour (used for EVA)

Atv # Notes And Comments: Gasoline Tank for ATVs and Trailer water tank both still need refill. Based on usage of water thus far will run out of water by tomorrow evening. New oven is larger than previous and may not fit in previous spot. DG dropped off mattresses and new oven today and states will return with water tomorrow. Trash needs to be removed as is overflowing from containers on trailer. Only 2 working radio headphones, third headphone works intermittently. Able to start ATV#5 today long enough to move out of way. ATV#5 along with 300cc Yamaha ATV quit quickly if throttle is not continuously held. Diesel store starting to run low.

Summary of Engineering activities:

Checked fuel stores for Hab and ATVs
Emptied ~3 gallons remaining from trailer water tank into static tank Started ATV#5 and parked out of way
Picked up excess trash around trailer
Brought in new mattresses to state rooms.

Questions and Concerns to Mission Support: Need water and fuel refills as noted above 

Joshua Timpe