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EVA Number (for mission, sequential numbering): Crew 156, EVA 3
EVA date: 11-11-15
Purpose of EVA: Investigate potential ancient Martian burial ground, communication checks for north of the Hab, simulated emergency situation
Objectives Met: Yes, we were able to gauge the limitations of our radios to the north of the Hab, which we had not yet assessed on our mission.  We traveled approximately 2 miles north to investigate potential ancient Martian burial ground.  After investigation and sample collection, we assessed communication en route back to the Hab.  After establishing communication, the EVA team was notified of potentially dangerous impending radiation exposure.  After evacuation to the Hab, the EVA team improvised radiation exposure shelter while the Hab prepared as well.
Approximate location of EVA, in relation to Hab: North approximately 2 miles
Number of EVA crewmembers: 4
ATV 1 used: Yes
ATV 2 used: Yes
ATV 3 used: Yes
ATV 4 used: Yes
EVA depart time: 1400
EVA return time: 1600

Good day,
Kyle Brown, MDRS Crew 156 XO