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Mission Support,


Crew 156 has had a very educational day on Mars, but did face a number of logistical challenges. Last night, as you know, we had difficulties with our internet access. I think this is unlikely to be data related because we were still receiving intermittent contact, but could not upload (which I understand should be unlimited).


Last night, we enjoyed our first group exercise session, making use of some of the free space in the Green Hab to make it a Mars gym. This morning, we continued out study of space physiology. 4 crew members performed an EVA this afternoon. During the EVA, a crew member had simulated kidney stone, and remaining crew had to help evacuate her to the Hab and then use an ultrasound to help diagnose the cause of her pain. We did have significant difficulties with one of the rovers during the EVA, and eventually had to push it back to the Hab. It it is one of the rovers with #11 written on the back (I think there are multiple). It is currently parked at the Hab, but is not operational.


From a water standpoint, we are down to the water available in the loft tank. We are currently deciding how we will move forward if we do not get more water soon, but likely will need to break sim tonight or tomorrow morning if a re-supply does not come.


Otherwise, crew is in good spirits. We are hoping to tackle our astronomy research project tonight. You can expect a daily summary, engineer, journalist, EVA report, EVA request, and HSO reports to follow.


Respectfully submitted,


Ben Easter

Commander, MDRS Crew 156