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Crew 158

Crew Photos

Susan Jewell

Susan Jewell is a medical scientist, biomedical engineer, Analog & Commercial Astronaut and entrepreneur and a veteran MDRS analog astronaut. Member of MarsWithoutBorders, MWOB, and Space Surgery Institute, SSI. Both entities were formed to support and develop innovations for space explorations utilizing cutting-edge technologies for future human Mars settlement. Susan was Commander of Crew145, Crew151 and crew medical officer in Crew 134 and Flashlight Mars Research Station, FMARS, MA365 competition with Crew 144. Her mission is to expand space  research for human space exploration. Susan’s vision is to see Humanity move beyond Earth;s cradle and to become a multi-planetary species.

Nicholas Ip Jewell

Nicholas Ip Jewell is the Executive Officer and Crew Scientist in Crew158 He is the co-founder of MarswithoutBorders, MWOB and Chief Technologist Officer for Space Surgery Institute. He is studying 3D video gaming and programming. Nicholas volunteered and spent a week at the MDRS site doing upgrading and refitting of the Hab station. He is training as a commercial astronaut and plans to attend NASTAR , FAA CAMI and other commercial space training facilities. Nicholas is a lifelong member of Astronaut-for-Hire, A4H, and a First Tier Support, FTS, member supporting the analog astronaut crew in the current NASA HISEAS (Hawaii Space Exploration Analog Simulation) Mission IV. He was a member of MWOB 2014-2015 mission support scientific team. He has led many teams from high school to  adolescent groups in various classroom settings, promoting STEAM education and as a Youth Camp Counsellor for various national teaching organizations and space camp program activities. Nicholas has knowledge and medical skills after having completed and graduated from the intensive Fire Academy Training Program at William Hart District and successfully obtained his EMR and CPR certifications.

Ilaria Cinelli

Ilaria Cinelli is the crew engineer. She received a master degree in biomedical engineering from University of Pisa, Italy (2012) and Italian engineering certification (2013). In 2009, she worked in ionizing radiations on pediatric computed axial tomography (CAT) protocols. In 2012, she spent almost two years working as research assistant at Centre of Human and Aerospace Physiological (King’s College London, UK) on Gravity Loading Countermeasure Skinsuit, GLCS (recently tested on ISS), mechanical modelling and computational modelling of fluid shift in short bed-rest studies as a support of astronaut vision research (NASA VIIP Studies). The AsMA ,Life Sciences and Biomedical Engineering Branch (LSBEB) nominated her as finalist  in AsMA JM Space Medicine Asso Young Investigator Award 2013; winner of Research and Development Innovation Award and Certificate (sponsored by David Clark Company) for computational modelling. In 2013, she started a MD,PhD in finite element analysis and computational modelling at NUI of Galway (Ireland), about electro-mechanical modelling of biological tissue with particular focus on nerve and cardiac cells. She is a Member-At-Large of LSBEB/AsMA, AMSRO reviewer, AsHFA student rep and AsMA member

Philippe Souvestre

Philippe Souvestre is a physician-scientist with over 30 years of professional experience in military and civilian milieus and also a flight surgeon. Philippe was an astronaut candidate for the French  Space Agency CNES. He is Founder/CEO, NeuroKinetics H. S., Inc, a clinic center based in Vancouver, Canada. He graduated with special honors from University of Aix-Marseilles, France, specializing in Traumatology, Medical Neurophysiology, Aerospace and Sports Medicine. He holds multiple post-doctorate degrees and trainings including, Cognitive and Behavioral Neurosciences, Sports and Aerospace Medicine, Reconstructive Surgery, Rehabilitation Medicine, Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, Homeopathy, Posturology, and Bioengineering. He is a Registered Rehabilitation Professional and Acupuncturist in Canada, a certified Diving Medical Officer, Naturopathic Physician in the USA. His passion is helping resolve chronic conditions made up with constant severe physical, cognitive and mental symptoms and incapacitation using novel ways to further understand adaptive brain performance. He is a peer-reviewed author scientist and a longtime member of the prestigious Aerospace Medical Association, AsMA.

Emmy Jewell

Emmy Helen Jewell is the crew Journalist and "Artist-in-Resident" She is co-founder of MarsWithoutBorders, an innovate entrepreneur interested in Agri-tech, food manufacturing,life sciences, space exploration, and aviation, She is also an artist and designer. Emmy is involved in various industries from food, medical to sciences. Her experience lies in building startup businesses and technological-focused companies. She is CPR certified and graduated in emergency response (EMR) program at William Hart District and an alumni of the Fire Academy training program She acquired her medical skills during her premedical training as an intern at The Clinic LLC and at the prestigious Beverly Hills Orthopedic Center working with board certified surgeons She has served as  part of MWOB remote support scientific team. Emmy is interested in  flying and currently training to become a Commercial Astronaut. She is a member of the nascent commercial astronaut organization, Astronaut-for-Hire, A4H, and training to obtain her private pilot license.

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