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Sol 5 – 12.04.2015

Nicholas Jewell

Journalist Report

In the morning we prepared for EVA#4  with Susan as the lead of the EVA#4 and Nicholas experienced the role as Hab Com for the first time today and did a great job! Everyone got a code name, “Rubber Duckie”, “Big Blue”, “Barbie Girl” and “Towlie” which caused a lot of laughter amongst the crew. We had a compromised hose line, so we halted decompression procedure for the first time to fix it before proceeding with the EVA. As Hab Com I wrote down the Engineering check data as well times for checking in. They had some issues starting the ATV’s so I assisted the team over the walkie-talkie and they managed to get the ATVs started and began the search and rescue and medical triage simulation.

In the afternoon, Philippe went over the familiarization session for the sleep project which will be a future study he showed us how to operate the technology and the purpose for the study. We were given a detailed explanation and overview of the protocol and learned how it worked. The team is preparing for HBO filmcrew for tomorrow and went over our roles and responsibilities during the mission

Emmy made a delicious curry and rice dinner again and we finished it with some leftover yogurt and dehydrated fruits.

This evening we will video a question and answer session for our public outreach and S.T.E.A.M education for students and general public to promote Mars and Space exploration. We will finish the evening with movie night and watched “TROY” the movie.