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Crew158 – SOL 6

Journalist Report

Nicholas Ip Jewell


Today was the first day Ilaria cooked and it was a good meal. We ate porridge and bacon and cereals and waited for the visitors who arrived around 9:30 AM. The Saturnians came to see how things are going on Mars and documented how we lived during a daily schedule with the crew team. 

In the afternoon, we set up the injured dummy at a remote location we tested yesterday and had the Saturians filmcrew (HBO) follow us during the EVA. They came along for our Search and Rescue EVA and walked around the beautiful terrain tp experience the beauty of this landscape.  As the drone pilot, Nicholas simulated a drone giving coordinates and provided his signal as a beacon for the location of the injured person. The whole scenario worked really well ans we were all very satisfied with the outcome and the results obtained. 

We arrived back to the Hab and had a wonderful lunch  with the Saturnians. Going over the mission we talked about some improvements to our missions. Several crews members gave a quick brief on their expectations and overview of their proposed studies.  Nicholas planned to create a drone storage bag for the ATVS and test it during future EVA missions. The Commander and the Chief Saturnian went to talk about negotiations and trade agreements involving the Inter-Galactic Federation (IGF). while the remaining crew members worked on the reports for the day. 

It was another exciting day on Mars with our visitors and they left to take scenes of our wonderful Martin sunset and they plan to return tomorrow morning to continue the interviews.

We are looking forward to Sunday as it is our crew downtime and relaxation day.