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EVA Number: Crew 158 EVA #7

EVA Date: 07 Dec 2015

Purpose of EVA: Simulation of Search and Rescue to triage site to evacuate the dummy injured astronaut back to the Hab. We will test a modified back board which is portable and foldable to transport the injured crew member back to safety of the Hab. We will test an inflatable "emergency triage tent" at the injury site and conduct some biomedical life support intervention of the injured crew member. This simulation is the next sequence to the previous EVA using the UAV to support Search and rescue for the SAR's team to  locate the injured crew team.

Location of EVA: Coordinates:

Number of EVA Crew: 3

Crew Members going on EVA: Susan Jewell, Nicholas Jewell, IlEmmy Jewell

ATV 1 Used: yes

ATV 2 Used: no

ATV 3 Used: yes

ATV 4 Used: yes

ATV hours usage: 30 min

EVA departure time: 10:45 AM

EVA return time: 11:45 PM

Zone 1:12 s 0518904

Zone 2:12 s 0518889

Zone 312 s 0518895

Clay sample 1:12 s 0518845

Clay sample 2:12 s 0518829


It was a successfully EVA during the testing of the Drone supply line. The team took the ATV’s to Picards Butte. At the location each personnel went to their zone for samples and excavation. The drone resupplied each zone and collected their samples for a return trip to the Hab. We also collected clay based soil to further create pure clay to make structures.