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This morning the crew awoke to the exquisitely beautiful scent of breakfast that was being prepared by Master Chef, Philippe Souvestre and his Aid Chef, Susan Jewell. A mixture of aromas filled the Hab as the powdered eggs were scrambled, the hash-browns were rehydrated and fried, and the foil tops of the yogurt were peeled open. Upon sitting around the dining table and beginning their first feast of the day, Crew 158 discussed the up-most important events that were planned to take place today, such as: debriefing the EVA mission and beginning a pre-pre-pre study of sleep.  Once the crew finished breakfast, Nicholas, Susan and Emmy donned their space suits and began their mission.

The EVA #6 crew tested a potential drone supply line that required the recording of coordinates and dropping off payloads to each crew member that was waiting in their assigned locations. Towards the middle of the mission, the crew began their trek in pursuit of new soil samples and geological scouting information from the terrain located north east of the Hab. After the EVA crew successfully returned to the Hab, they duffed their suits and proceeded to eat a delicious meal of leftover vegetable noodles. Over lunch, the crew had a discussion about their individual reasons for space exploration, sociological influences of education within each crewmember’s native countries, current and potential green energy solutions, creating rocket-powered drones, and updating the space helmets and space suits.

Philippe conducted his 45minute beta-test sleep study on Nicholas, Ilaria, and Susan. The crew then relaxed during their down time while listening to a wide variety of music from Michael Buble to Taylor Swift to Beethoven to a famously monotone 70’s rock musician. Prior to CAPCOM, most of the crew ate ramen noodles and bacon while crewmember Emmy prepared and ate her vegan noodle soup.Once everyone sends their reports to CAPCOM, the crew plans to have a “talent night”.