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Commander Report
Susan Jewell
SOL9 - Logdate: 0012082015

Sunny Blue Skies on Mars

What a beautiful sunny day for a Sol9 on Mars!  Life as an analog astronaut is extraordinary busy and full of various activities. The day is welcomed by everyone with breakfast cereals and hot coffee and milk.  Looking around the hab, I see we are surrounded by many cutting-edge gadgets and modern technology but when you get to the real nuts and bolts of life it is really the simple things in our lives that count the most.  So, I enjoyed slowly sipping my cup of hot coffee and watching the sunrise out of the Hab porthole window. I can feel the sun rays illuminating the upper deck and casting voluminous “halo-like” glows around the scattered objects and the crew as we all gather around the table eagerly discussing the day’s activities. 

The EVA team today was very successful testing human performance and how to optimize human factors for survival on the red planet.  In fact, we have decided to document the entire analog astronaut experience to show how Martians might live on Mars one day. The vast expanse of the red terrain is so mesmerizing and distinctively Martian-like that if it was not for the presence of gravity imposing on our body, we can easily forget that this is a simulation. During EVA and standing with the crew team in the vastness of the remote desert, it is easy to transport oneself to the future. One day, humans will be walking the surface of the planet with support from a Curiosity rover and DATA the humanoid robot.

Today, we conduct simulations to build the foundation and test the technologies in order to turn our vision into reality. No matter the sacrifices, large or small, personal or professional, we have to make them to move space exploration forward. Our crew 144 is very proud to be part of this Human Mission. 

Forwards and onwards to Mars!

Ad Astra!