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Crew158 – SOL9

Journalist Report

Nicholas Ip Jewell


Morning: Today like any other day at MDRS, everyone had breakfast which consisted of pan cakes, eggs, yogurt, and granola bars. We talked about the possible projects to work on for the future and how they can benefit other Martian explorers.

Noon: Ilaria lead the EVA team to go for a journey, this was to test our physical endurance and the effect of fatigue. This team traveled tenaciously through treacherous terrain though tiring they trotted thwarting tensions throughout their travels together towards tomorrows timely treasures.

Afternoon:  Philippe gave an overview of acupuncture and biophotonics and why it can have relevance for space travel and future martian settlers. He plans to implement the sutyd in future MDRS mission. We will be supporting a pre-test study design for him. Dinner was fried rice with fried chicken and we ate fresh baked fruity scones with whipped cream and jam and butter baked by the commander. What a treat!