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SOL: 9

12/08/2015 / Tue

HSO Philippe A. Souvestre


Second in Command: Nicholas Ip Jewell

Summary Title


Crew dynamics and cohesion rise and glow




Overall, Mission status is evolving well as planned.


  1. Morning briefings focused on 

1.       Extensive EVA sortie planned this morning

2.       Pre-pilot exploratory biomedical feasibility evaluation continued

3.       Past mid-Mission Crew Reports check point


  1. Mission planning for the day re


1.       0800 - Breakfast/Crew tasks and duties 

2.       Water system Logistics status review re crew showers, dish washing, loft tank maintenance

3.       EVA 7 of the day led by Ilaria Cinelli with Nicholas Ip Jewell and Philippe Souvestre

4.       1015 – EVA 7 donning

5.       1053/1236 – EVA 7 sortie/airlock time logs/1hr 43min long including besides initial daily engineering checks a technical feasibility evaluation of the impact of current MDRS space suit while walking with only a few brief pauses a long range exploratory hiking mission.

6.       1255 – Lunch time with post-EVA debrief

7.       1330 – 1400 – Checkpoint on timing/arrangement of planned research projects and studies

8.       1400 to 1700 –Crew working time on misc. personal mission tasks and other matters

9.       1730 – Crew Reports writing

10.    1815 – 1845 – Dinner time and social time

11.    1900 – 2100 – CAPCOM time window

12.    2100 – 2130 – Crew group meditation/yoga planned after CAPCOM tonight


  1. Mission planning for the week re

Continued review and further completion of planned preliminary and IRB submission pilot projects


  1. Mission planning for the remaining time of the mission

1.       Continued review and further ad hoc arrangement of planned pre-IRB submission pilot projects

2.       Creative crew brainstorming and group reflection schedule implementation



SIM HAB and Crew preparedness, activities, and actions went well as expected.





1.       Very successful long range over 4 km walking exploratory mission operated from HAB with very efficient EVA/HABCOM radio control routine

2.       Post-lunch introductory seminar on the upcoming acupuncture and biophotonics pre-pilot feasibility biomedical protocols was successful at everyone satisfaction

3.       Further comprehensive crew discussion towards elaboration of several future projects to be defined in the light of our exploratory research observations and results obtained so far at MDRS.


Look Ahead Plan:


  1. How are you going to follow up? 

As always, daily systematic checks were planned ahead of time regarding maintenance and logistics routines as well as pre-pilot studies completion status and further organization.  We abide by the timelines as we planned them. Furthermore, crew has begun to identify future potential extensions of the current works. 


  1. What is the plan for tomorrow?

1.       SOL 10 will be dedicated to combining filming and geological investigation during the planned EVA 8. 

2.       EVA 8 will be set as an operational demo platform in order to allow the above objectives 

3.       Current pre-pilot sleep feasibility evaluation will be further geared towards crew sleep optimization.


Anomalies and any problems in work:  



Weather: Dry cold, no wind, clear sunny blue skies with broken overcast. No ice and no snow on ground.

Crew Physical Status: Everyone is in excellent health and still demonstrates first-rate morale at mid -Mission.


EVA: where did you go?

Morning EVA 7 crew spent 2 hours to perform long range exploratory walk mission in the NE sector within 5 km mile radius.

Reports to be filed:


Mid-Mission HSO Report


EVA request

Daily Summary Report

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