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Journalist Report: Sol 9


Emmy Jewell


For breakfast the crew had cereal, hashbrown, and dried fruit. During the meal everyone was briefed on the days upcoming activities. Emmy was the lead for the EVA #8 mission with Susan and Philippe as crewmembers. They donned their spacesuits and debriefed to a song about the Periodic Table.  The engineering check was completed and the EVA crew drove the ATVs to the location of research. Emmy, Philippe and Susan trekked through valleys and hillsides while searching for potential clay samples to use for a geological study. The EVA crew returned to the HAB and debriefed the remaining crew about the mission activities. Lunch consisted of leftover noodles and clam chowder. Philippe began his 45minute pre-pre-pre sleep study on Nicholas, Susan, and Illaria. Emmy worked on her Mars Crew 158 film project. After the sleep study, Susan baked a loaf of bread and English scones. During the break time, the crew typed their reports and ate dinner before logging on to communicate with CAPCOM. Additionally, the crew had a bake-a-thon where Nicholas, Emmy, and Susan experimented with their own handmade bread and Ilaria and Philippe critiqued. Nicholas won first place, with Emmy coming in a very close second, and Susan placing in third. After CAPCOM, the crew will begin yoga and meditation then retire for the night.