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Commander Report
Susan Jewell
SOL11 - Logdate: 0012102015

EDL...Entry, Descend, Landing...back to Terraforma

It was an exciting time journeying back to Earth after our two week simulation Mars mission. We landed safely on terraforma at 00:00hrs Firday morning ( Earth time)  and all crew members were safe, sound but  sad that it was all over. However, it was mission success and we all enjoyed this extraordinary experience together. We learned alot about analog astronaut experiences as well as how small crews live and work together in remote, isolate environments like MDRS. It is an exciting thought to know that we have played a small part to pioneering and contributing towards supporting and enabling future human to Mars missions and to envision that one day humans will settle on the Red Planet.

Welcome back Crew158..and enjoy the rest of the day on Planet Earth. So wonderful to feel the fresh air and smell the beauty of Nature around us.
Some of these things we take for granted unless we have been locked up in a "sacpe capsule for two weeks!

Congrats all all my crew team and I hope you will continue your journeys...where ever Life will take you.

Commander Jewell signing off now and for end of this successful mission with MarsWithoutBorders Crew 158

Ad Astra!