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HSO Mission End Report

SOL 11

12/10/2015 / Thu

HSO/Philippe A. Souvestre


All crew members are and have been in good health and above average performance status throughout the Mission.


Only two minor incidents have been identified at the time of their occurrence:

1.       dried food related affecting the whole crew for a few hours

2.       slide in the lower end of the stairway leading to a significant bruising of the left shin, immediately treated  with ice and slight compression.


All aspects of our Mission have been dealt with and accomplished successfully as planned by all members without incident.


Permanent important electrostatic has been observed all over the metallic floor downstairs.


It will have been a great privilege and honor to serve MDRS Crew 158 throughout the past two weeks.


I am also very grateful to everyone at MDRS Mission Support for their continued support and attention in ensuring  our care, safety, and success in achieving our objectives during this particular Mission.