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Commander Report
Susan Jewell

Goodbyes and Hello 

Today was the final departure of Crew 158...well actually only two members, Ilaria and Philippe left.
Emmy, Nicholas and I are staying on and joining the incoming Crew 159 for another week.
Official Handover from Mars Without Borders Crew 158 to Crew 159 occurred last night with two new Crew 159 members, Chiara  and Barak. At 6:00PM tonight we were joined by the rest of the new crew members, James and Anna. 

Today we said goodbyes to old friends and colleagues and hello to new friends and looking forward to another exciting week on Mars.
We will be entering Sim tomorrow Monday noon time. For Crew 159, I have decided to implement the "Rotating Commandership" leadership strategy. Nicholas will be the first commander tomorrow Monday and handover on Wednesday afternoon to Emmy, who will take over the leadership of the Hab which will be followed by Chiara on Friday afternoon to experience the leadership  role and responsibilities of running a crew at MDRS. Next Saturday will be the day we will (ie, the Jewells) depart to leave the four crew team to look after the Hab station for the second week. I am confident they will do an excellent job!

Tonight we are ready for our journey to Mars and preparing the space capsule for lift off.
Here's to another exciting adventures for the Martian explorers!

Ad Astra!