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Commander Report

Crew 159

Sol 1


Today was a fun filled day with the mix of Crew 159 and 158. As commander everyone had a great time exploring and learning the ropes of MDRS, from Donning/Doffing space suits to maintaining the Hab. Around the afternoon snow covered the land with a white blanket, all in the blink of an eye. Barak and I had to suit up to go into the winter wonderland to fix and check the ATV’s. After arriving into the Hab, everyone played Uno together as they converted to the Uno Gods our belief of Uno Magic. We had a successful EDL (Entry, Descent, and Landing) on Mars today around 12:59 pm. I decided to test the skills for the Crew 159 in order to make sure that they are qualified to take over when I leave. Now they must think of their awesome talents for the Ultimate Show Down tomorrow.

Hope to report tomorrow

Signing off, Commander Nicholas Jewell