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SOL: 1

12/14/2015 / Mon

HSO James A. F. Giammona


Second in Command: Emmy Helen Jewell

Summary Title


Arrival on Mars




Crew 159 has arrived on Mars and has learned how to live and work in the Hab.


Morning briefings focused on 

1.       Pre-sim orientation this morning

2.       Planning for the week


Mission planning for the day


1.     0800 – Breakfast/ Plan for the day


2.     Commander Nicholas Ip Jewell will lead pre-sim orientation demonstrating engineering check and an introduction to driving ATVs


3.     Reviewed crew schedule for week


4.     0900 - Susan Ip Jewell headed to Hanksville to check for packages


5.     0930 - New crew members practiced donning and doffing EVA suits


6.     1000 – All new team members introduced to proper ATV operation and test drive ATVs


7.     1200 – Susan Ip Jewell returns from Hanksville and sim begins


8.     1210 – Lunch time and celebration of start of sim


=> Delicious macaroni tuna casserole made by Crew Journalist Anna


9.     1400 to 1800 –Crew learns report format and writes reports


10.  1800 – 1845 – Dinner time and social time


11.  1900 – 2100 – CAPCOM time window


12.  2100 – Crew personal time



Mission planning for the week 


1.     Crew will embark on first few EVAs and work on personal projects.


2.     Crew Engineer Chiara Cocchiara will take the role of commander on Friday


3.     Saturday 3 crew members depart (Susan Ip Jewell, Commander Nicholas Ip Jewell, and XO Emmy Helen Jewell). Crew 159 changes to 4 crew members on rotating Commander schedule.


Mission planning for the remaining time of the mission


1.     Remaining crew continues to work on personal projects



1.     Post-breakfast practice donning and doffing EVA suits


2.     Guided engineer check by Commander Nicholas Ip Jewell


3.     Great introduction to operation of ATVs by Commander Nicholas Ip Jewell. Chiara, Barak, James and Anna took short drives nearby hab.


4.     After the start of sim, it began to snow and Commander Nicholas Ip Jewell and Astroengineer Barak Stoltz did an emergency engineering check to close battery cover of ATV.


5.     Crew wrote their first reports


Look Ahead Plan:


1.       How are you going to follow up? 

            The next few days will see our first EVAs to test the new EVA suit and test the Chi Detector in the field before integration with the rover. Crew members will also make progress on their individual projects. 

2.       What is the plan for tomorrow?

1.       SOL 2 will be dedicated to testing the new EVA suits with several different body types.

2.       EVA 1 will involve Crew Engineer Chiara Cocchiara and James Giammona trying out the new EVA suit.

3.       Crew will determine the best way to attach the Chi Detector to the rover.

4.      We will have our Crew talent show tomorrow!

Anomalies and any problems in work:  



Weather: ½” of snow cover outside. Overcast all day. No wind.

Crew Physical Status: Everyone is in excellent health and are excited to have arrived on Mars.

HSO reports a small red raised bump from a possible insect bite before arrival at Hab.

EVA: where did you go?

Mid-afternoon EVA to ATVs next to Hab and engineering area to check cars for missing EVA radio.

Reports to be filed



EVA request

Daily Summary Report

HSO Report

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