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SOL: 3

12/16/2015 / Wed

HSO James A. F. Giammona


Second in Command: Emmy Helen Jewell

Summary Title


Roaming with the Rover



Crew 159 performed EVA2 and tested the range of the NorCal rover. They also tested the new EVA suit in the Hab in preparation for EVA3. Progress has been made in getting the telescope to work.


Morning briefings focused on 

1.       EVA2 agenda

2.       Activities and visitors for the week


Mission planning for the day


1.     0800 – Breakfast/ Plan for the day


2.     0850 – Commander Nicholas Jewell will lead EVA2 to test remote operation, range, and payload capability of the NorCal rover. He will be joined by HSO James Giammona and Astroengineer Barak Stoltz. Secondary goals include gathering chlorophyll samples to verify the operation of the Chi Detector and further terrain exploration.


3.     0950 – Commander Nicholas Jewell gave an introduction to rover operation to Crew Engineer Chiara Cocchiara and the rest of the crew.


4.     1030-1230 – Commander Nichoals Jewell conducts engineering checks and leads EVA2.


5.     1230/1330 – Lunchtime

Delicious mashed potatoes, beef stew and cornbread cooked by Crew Journalist Anna Ialeggio


6.     1330/1430 – EVA2 debrief and plan for tomorrow’s activities


7.     1430/1700 – Unstructured work time to write reports, work on individual projects and teach each other on subjects they are knowledgeable of. Susan Jewell will lead HSO James Giammona and Crew Engineer Chiara Cocchiara in the indoors study of the new EVA suit. Crew members will work on their answers to student questions from Open University. Filming will happen tomorrow.


8.     1700-1800 Astroengineer Barak Stoltz showed the crew what the Moon looks like through Musk observatory!


9.     1800 – 1845 – Dinner time and social time


10.  1900 – 2100 – CAPCOM time window


11.  2130-2230 Tin foil craft competition


12.  2130-2330 Astroengineer Barak Stoltz will work on calibrating the telescope and enabling remote operation. He and XO Emmy Jewell were able to get it into focus last night.



Mission planning for the week 


1.     Tomorrow, Emmy Jewell will take command with Chiara Cocchiara as XO. The new EVA suit will be tested.


2.     Crew Engineer Chiara Cocchiara will take the role of commander on Saturday at noon.


3.     Saturday 3 crew members depart (Susan Ip Jewell, Commander Nicholas Ip Jewell, and XO Emmy Helen Jewell). Crew 159 changes to 4 crew members on rotating Commander schedule.


4.     We expect Joris Van Casteren, the journalist to visit us for the day on Saturday.



Mission planning for the remaining time of the mission


1.     Remaining crew continues to work on personal projects


2.     Crew expects cameraman to arrive Monday or Tuesday.



1.     Successful exploration during EVA2 led by Commander Nicholas Jewell. We performed the engineering checks and then started the exploratory phase of the EVA followed by the remotely piloted rover. We determined a rough range of operation for the rover (which is several hundred meters from the Hab) and used it to carry interesting rock samples and the Chi detector. After 20 min, the rover battery ran out and the EVA2 team carried it back to the Hab.


2.     The EVA2 crew then headed northeast of the Hab and hiked up some tall hills.


3.     Susan Jewell, Crew Engineer Chiara Cocchiara and HSO James Giammona tested the new EVA suit inside the Hab. After them, Astroengineer Barak Stoltz, Crew Journalist Anna Ialeggio, and XO Emmy Jewell also tried on the suit and all provided valuable feedback and ideas to improve the next iteration. Overall, the new suit was well received!

4.     Astroengineer Barak Stoltz now has the Musk Observatory operational and showed the crew a fantastic view of the Moon!


Look Ahead Plan:


1.        How are you going to follow up? 


1.     We will follow up our EVA suit studies inside with a full EVA tomorrow for EVA3. We will perform the standard EVA activities including hiking and riding ATVs and compare how the new suit acts compared to the standard suits.


2.     We will look at the chlorophyll samples gathered on today’s EVA with the Chi detector and will design a holder to integrate the detector with the rover.


3.     We will record on video our answers to the Open University students’ questions.


4.     The new EVA suit will be tested on several crew members to see how it compares to the current suits.

2.       What is the plan for tomorrow?

1.       SOL 3 will see EVA3 which will test the new EVA suit.

2.       At noon, command will be handed over to XO Emmy Jewell.

3.      Video answers to Open University students’ questions will be recorded in the afternoon.

Anomalies and any problems in work:  



Weather: A crisp, sunny day. Blue skies. Snow fully melted. No wind. 30-40 degrees F.

Crew Physical Status: Everyone remains in excellent health and high spirits.

HSO reports the small bump continues to heal. Other crew member’s heel is also healing.

EVA: where did you go?

After engineering check, EVA2 progressed to the north of the Hab with the rover. After the rover ran out of battery power, the rover was returned to the Hab and the EVA2 team headed northeast to a large rise to scout the terrain.

Reports to be filed



EVA request

Daily Summary Report