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Commander Report:

Mars Crew 159

Sol 4 (17DEC2015)


The official handover for a new commander commenced during the afternoon. Nicholas Jewell handed over commandership to myself, Emmy Jewell as Chiara Cocchiara became Crew 159 Engineer and officially, Executive Officer. The crew’s morale is high and everyone is absolutely wonderful. The dynamics of Crew 159 made for an interesting and immensely fun foil hat competition with many creative hats being judged by myself, Susan Jewell and Nicholas Jewell. The EVA mission went spectacularly well with Susan and Chiara on the field and Barak, James, and Anna manning HABCOM and the NorCal rover.  Nicholas made utterly delicious food throughout the day and the entire crew thoroughly enjoyed indulging in each meal.  Overall, today was a very successful day and as the Commander of Crew 159 I am looking forward to the finite amount of time that I have left here with this crew and here on Mars.


Ad Astra!

Emmy Jewell

Commander, Crew 159