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EVA Number: Crew 159 EVA #3

EVA Date: 17th Dec 2015

Purpose of EVA:  Testing of the 1) prototype integrated “all-in-one” spacesuit during ambulation and riding on ATVs, 2) further testing of the NorCal mini rover

Location of EVA: Coordinates:  12S-518230E-425720N

Number of EVA Crew: 3

Crew Members going on EVA: Susan Jewell, Chiara Cocchiara


-          ATV 1 Used: no

-          ATV 2 Used: no

-          ATV 3 Used: yes

-          ATV 4 Used: no

ATV hours usage: 30 min

Duration of EVA: 2 Hrs

EVA departure time: 10:29 AM

EVA return time: 12:02 PM

Time Checks:

-          1st: 11:06 AM

-          2nd: 11:21 AM

-          3rd: 11:30 AM


It was a successfully EVA during the testing of the prototype integrated spacesuit .  Overall feedback from the shirt EVA testing were;

-the increase ease in donning and duffing of the suit and thus was able to reduce significant time for EVA sim.

- increase comfort, increase ease of neck and shoulder movement and reduced strain, pain and stress on the body especially around the cervical and lower lumbar region of the spinal column.

-ease of movement and increase agility due to relatively lighter weight of the new suit and compact “all-in-one” integrated design of the life support system and helmet piece of the suit. I was able to climb up and down steep gradients with more ease and flexibility.

- the  ventilation was evenly dispersed  around the helmet which allowed a more comfortable experience for the wearer and also found to reduce the fogging effect inside the helmet during the EVA Additionally, overall vision was not affected during the short EVA period.

- testing of the suit on the ATV ride was successful. The suit allowed increase control of the ATV and more comfortable ride.

The further testing of the mini rover was conducted successfully and the full charging of the two onboard batteries allowed the full 40 minutes use of the vehicle.