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SOL: 4

12/17/2015 / Thurs

HSO James A. F. Giammona


Second in Command: Chiara Cocchiara

Summary Title


New EVA suits and new hats



Crew 159 performed EVA3 with the primary goal of evaluating the new EVA suit in the field. It performed with flying colors! EVA3 also saw the NorCal rover join the EVA crew and helped document their mission. In the afternoon, the crew engaged in an aluminum foil hat competition which demonstrated the crew’s creativity with limited resources.


Morning briefings focused on 

1.       EVA3 agenda

2.       Afternoon activities would be covered at lunch after commander handoff


Mission planning for the day


1.     0800 – Breakfast/ Plan for the day


2.     0930 – Susan Jewell will lead EVA3 to test the new EVA suit in the field. She will be joined by Crew Engineer Chiara Cocchiara. Tests will include hiking and riding the ATV. HSO James Giammona will operate the NorCal rover remotely and will once again test the range, battery lifetime, and ability of the rover to navigate complex terrain.


3.     0950 – Commander Nicholas Jewell and Crew Engineer Chiara Cocchiara got HSO James Giammona and Crew Journalist Anna Ialeggio up to speed on rover operation.


4.     1030/1200 – Susan Jewell conducts engineering checks and leads EVA3.


5.     1200/1240 – Lunchtime

An amazing BBQ pulled chicken and stuffing meal prepared by Crew Scientist Nicholas Jewell!


6.     1240/1330 – EVA3 debrief and commander handoff from Nicholas Jewell to Commander Emmy Jewell.


7.     1330/1500 – Crew competes in an aluminum foil hat contest. The crew demonstrates their ingenuity, resourcefulness, engineering prowess and great senses of humor!

8.     1500/1800 Personal time to work on individual projects and reports


9.     1800/1845 – Dinner time and social time


10.  1900/2100 – CAPCOM time window


11.  2130/2230 Personal leisure time


12.  2300/0200 Astroengineer Barak Stoltz will work on calibrating the telescope and enabling remote operation. Tonight, he will work on integrating the CCD camera.


Mission planning for the week 


1.     Crew Engineer Chiara Cocchiara will take the role of commander on Saturday at noon.


2.     Saturday 3 crew members depart (Susan Ip Jewell, Commander Nicholas Ip Jewell, and XO Emmy Helen Jewell). Crew 159 changes to 4 crew members on rotating Commander schedule.


3.     We expect Joris Van Casteren, the journalist to visit us for the day on Saturday.



Mission planning for the remaining time of the mission


1.     Remaining crew continues to work on personal projects


2.     Crew expects cameraman to arrive Monday or Tuesday.



1.     Highly successful testing of the new suit during EVA3 led by Susan Jewell. EVA crew performed the engineering checks and then tested various aspects of the new suit. The suit was evaluated during hiking and while riding the EVA. Susan Jewell’s evaluation was that the new suit was much more comfortable than the current suits, resulting in no noticeable neck, shoulder or back pain. Riding the ATV was much easier, donning and doffing was also much simpler. The suit felt lighter and was much easier to hike with.


2.     NorCal rover piloted by HSO James Giammona and Crew Journalist Anna Ialeggio accompanied Crew Engineer Chiara Cocchiara during the first part of EVA3. The rover was able to operate over rough terrain for ~50 minutes. It is not difficult for the rover pilots to accompany the EVA crew.


3.     Crew had a fun aluminum foil hat contest with creative, impressive entries from all participants!

Look Ahead Plan:


1.         How are you going to follow up? 


1.     The new EVA suit will continue to be tested by Crew Engineer Cocchiara during tomorrow’s EVA4.


2.     We will continue to look at the chlorophyll samples with the Chi detector and will design a holder to integrate the detector with the rover.


3.     We will record on video our answers to the Open University students’ questions.

2.       What is the plan for tomorrow?

1.       SOL 5 will see EVA4 which will continue to test the new EVA suit.

2.      Video answers to Open University students’ questions will be recorded in the afternoon.

Anomalies and any problems in work:  

An unsanctioned photographer arrived in the early afternoon in a white minivan and took some pictures of the Hab from a tripod.


Weather: A crisp, sunny day. Blue skies. Snow fully melted. No wind. 30-40 degrees F.

Crew Physical Status: Everyone remains in excellent health and high spirits.

HSO reports that both crew members’ previous ailments are healed.

EVA: where did you go?

After engineering check, EVA3 first took ATVs to the east along the main road. Then EVA3 headed north to test the suit during hiking.

Reports to be filed



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