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EVA Number: Crew 159 EVA #4

EVA Date: 18th Dec 2015

Purpose of EVA:  We would like to test again the new prototype of space suit from Judd. Moreover we map the exploration, map the terriotiry we explored. 
Location of EVA: Coordinates:  12S-518230E-425720N

Number of EVA Crew: 3

Crew Members going on EVA:  Chiara Cocchiara, Barak Stoltz, Anna Ialeggio


-          ATV 1 Used: no

-          ATV 2 Used: no

-          ATV 3 Used: no

-          ATV 4 Used: no

ATV hours usage: 0 min

Duration of EVA: 2 Hrs

EVA departure time: 10:27 AM

EVA return time: 12:25 PM

Time Checks:

-          1st: 10:47 AM

-          2nd: 11:07 AM

-          3rd: 11:33 AM

  4th: 11:57 AM

    5th: 12:07 AM


It was a succesfful EVA. We tested the new EVA suit, which worked very well. It is very comfortable, the air is better distributed and the shape better adapts to the physionomy of the human body. We will keep on testing the spacesuit during the rest of the mission.
We map the terriotry, analyzing the different terrains we encountered. It was also a very enjoyable EVA, for bonding between the crew members. We did some artistic activities with dances recorded on videos.
The Habcom was very supportive, followed us in all the activities. We noted that we lost support for a few minutes when pushing a bit further and going behind a big hill. And we tested the behaviour of crew members for moving towards a position where the connection could be re-established.
Last to mention, we are sure it has been reported already before, but we noticed that helmets become very foggy and it is very very difficult to look through.