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SOL6 – 12/19/2015

Today the remaining members of Crew 158 left, and the original Crew 159 made of Chiara Cocchiara, Barak Stoltz, James Giammona and Anna Ialeggio is left at the MDRS site for the second week of the mission. It will be interesting to study the differences that the change of the Crew, not only from a number of member point of view, but also what comes from it, will affect the remaining members. Chiara, the Crew Engineer also took the title of Commander. The crew decided to keep the Commander rotation schema. Considering that there are eight days left for the mission, every two days the Leadership of the Crew will be passed from member to member. Each of the member will keep the original role at the same time.

Today the Crew also received the visit of a Dutch writer that asked questions on our daily life at MDRS and also joined two members on an EVA. The EVA was mainly focused on exploration of the zone, and particularly the research of a special zone with oyster fossils (for further details please refer to the EVA report).

Today the 3D printer has arrived, and the Crew is planning to start testing tomorrow.

The members have decided to remain in the same rooms they were before, not moving in the commander’s room. And the left room are ready, clean and empty, to host three of the members of Crew 160 that is arriving in one week.

The Crew started to organize the work for the next week, and is aware that having a reduced team means more work and organization, prioritize daily tasks other than keep the same friendly environment that characterized the last week.

Best regards,

Chiara Cocchiara

Commander Crew 159