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SOL: 6

12/19/2015 / Sat

HSO James A. F. Giammona


Second in Command: Barak Stoltz

Summary Title


Saying goodbye to part of our crew



Crew 159 was visited by Dutch journalist Joris Van Casteren who is writing a book on people around the world who are interested in going to Mars. Van Casteren joined the EVA5 crew on their expedition and when they returned, command was handed to Chiara and Susan Jewell, Nichoals Jewell and Emmy Jewell departed the Hab. The crew developed close bonds and a great dynamic over the past week and the Jewell’s will be missed by the remaining crew.


Morning briefings focused on 

1.       EVA5 agenda

2.       Arrangements for Jewell crew departure


Mission planning for the day


1.     0800 – Breakfast/ Plan for the day


2.     0925 – Joris Van Casteren arrived at the Hab.


3.     0945/1000 – Astroengineer Barak Stoltz described the plan for EVA5. After engineering checks, the Eva team joined by journalist Van Casteren would explore the geology around the Hab to practice identifying geological features and to test the new EVA suit on another body type.


4.     1000/1200 Susan Jewell headed to orbital rendezvous (Hanksville) to gather important materials for the rest of the crew.


5.     1020/1210 – Astroengineer Barak Stoltz leads EVA5 with HSO James Giammona and visitng journalist Joris Van Casteren.


6.     1230/1300 – Lunchtime

A fabulous lunch of spaghetti was prepared by Crew Engineer Chiara Cocchiara.


7.     1300/1340 EVA4 debrief led by Commander Emmy Jewell. XO Cocchiara agrees with Susan Jewell’s assessment that the new EVA suit is more comfortable than the older suit. The crew was also excited by the fascinating terrain they encountered.

8.     1340 Commander Emmy Jewell hands command to Crew Engineer Chiara Cocchiara.


9.     1400 Susan Jewell, Nicholas Jewell, and Emmy Jewell depart the Hab.


10.  1400/1700 – Crew has personal time to write reports and work on personal projects. Crew also discusses various questions about Mars with visiting journalist Van Casteren.


11.  1700 – Visiting journalist Van Casteren departs the Hab.


12.  1700/1800 Crew writes reports.


13.  1800/1845 – Dinner time and social time


14.  1900/2100 – CAPCOM time window


15.  2130/2230 Personal leisure time


16.  2300/0200 Astroengineer Barak Stoltz will work on calibrating the telescope and enabling remote operation. Yesterday, there was trouble getting images from the AutoGuider.


Mission planning for the week 


1.     Crew will implement a rotating commandership where each crew member is commander for two days.


2.     Susan Jewell’s supply run has greatly enabled our project capabilities. We had a 3D printer delivered and HSO James Giammona’s connector for his radio transceiver was also delivered. So, crew will work on these personal projects.


3.     Crew expects cameraman to arrive Monday or Tuesday.



Mission planning for the remaining time of the mission


1.     Remaining crew continues to work on personal projects


2.     Crew 159 will help Crew 160 travel from Grand Junction and assist in assembling their supplies.



1.     A great EVA today for EVA5. Astroengineer Barak Stoltz led HSO James Giammona and visiting journalist Joris Van Casteren on a meandering exploration of the varied and fascinating geology surrounding the hab. Stoltz also wore the new EVA suit and evaluated its performance. Stoltz and Giammona practicised identifying various geomorphological features that they encountered.


2.     The crew discussed their motivations for coming to MDRS and the operation of MDRS with visiting journalist Van Casteren. They also discussed their visions for how humanity’s presence on Mars will develop.


3.     Susan Jewell, Nicholas Jewell, and Emmy Jewell packed up, handed over command and departed the Hab today. All the members of Crew 159 created strong bonds of friendship and camaraderie. The departing members of the crew will be missed.

4.     Astroengineer Stoltz will continue to work on setting up remote control of the telescope and installing the CCD camera.


Look Ahead Plan:


1.         How are you going to follow up? 


1.     With the new equipment delivered today, Crew 159 has several new projects that they can dive into. The crew will set up and use the new 3D printer to design and fabricate various products ranging from ornaments to backup rover parts.

2.     HSO Giammona can now connect his transceiver to his Yagi antenna and begin his project to communicate with the ISS digipeater.

2.       What is the plan for tomorrow?

1.       Tomorrow, the crew will have some leisure time and time to catch up on small tasks around the Hab.

Anomalies and any problems in work:  



Weather: A crisp, sunny day. Blue skies. Snow fully melted. No wind. 30-40 degrees F.

Crew Physical Status: Everyone remains in excellent health and high spirits.


EVA: where did you go?

After engineering check, EVA5 headed northwest up the cliffs to the oyster field, then headed southwest back into the basin, crossed the road to the Hab and finally returned to the Hab.

Reports to be filed



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