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Commander Report

Sol 8 – 12/21/15

            Today was eventful! Beginning with a delicious oatmeal breakfast, our daily plan was discussed in detail. We realized that we had an extraordinary amount of work to do as a crew today. It began with Chiara and Anna taking out the ATV’s and exploring the reach of our Habcom walkie-talkies. We wanted to understand their range in accordance to the terrain. A good amount of ground was covered and we will continue exploring their range for the next two days for coherent coverage.

            Once back we chowed down on some jalapeno mac & cheese (conceived by chef James) while organizing todays assignments into group and personal tasks. The next 4-5 hours were spent writing reports, creating a sketch the improved space suit with our suggested modifications, type up a personal biography and more. Needless to say it was an absolute blast. We also had a reporter come in to film some b-footage of the hab, we showed him and around and helped in every way possible. In addition to this, the role of commander was handed over from Chiara Cocchiara to Barak Stoltz. The rotating commandership role is an interesting aspect of our mission and is providing excellent experience to all crew members.

            After spending hours sitting down we decided to exercise together. We ran, we hopped, and we pushed up; it was exactly what we needed. Afterwards we spent about 15 minutes meditating, bringing our heart rates down and getting our minds to wonder. Today was one of the most productive day’s we’ve had so far and we hope to keep going at this pace.

P.S. SpaceX successfully landed their first reusable rocket! ONE STEP CLOSER TO MARS BABY!!!!!