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EVA Number: Crew 159 EVA #7


EVA Date: 22th Dec 2015


Purpose of EVA:  We determined more precisely the distance at which communications with HabCom cuts out. We continued our practice of determining geomorphology. We practiced using ATVs while wearing EVA suits. We tested XO Ialeggio’s new solution for defogging.


Location of EVA: Coordinates:  12S-518230E-425720N


Number of EVA Crew: 2


Crew Members going on EVA:  James Giammona, Anna Ialeggio




-          ATV 1 Used: Yes


-          ATV 2 Used: no


-          ATV 3 Used: Yes


-          ATV 4 Used: no


ATV hours usage: 40 min


Duration of EVA: 2 Hrs


EVA departure time: 9:50 AM


EVA return time: 11:40 PM


Time Checks:


-          1st: 10:12 AM


-          2nd: 10:45 AM


-          3rd: 11:00 AM


   4th: 11:20 AM




A highly successful EVA. After engineering checks, we secured the trash from the strong gusts of wind with bungee cord and rope. Then we took ATVs #1 and #3 east along the main road. We determined where communications with Hab got weak and then where it ended completely. We continued for about ten more minutes until we reached a fascinating geological landscape carved by water and exposing millions of years of strata. Because of XO Ialeggio’s fantastic idea for using shower gel as a defoggant, we had no visibility issues which made riding the ATVs much safer and made the EVA much more enjoyable as we could fully see the stunning landscape.


Note: ATV #3 has trouble idling and will often die while idling in neutral. This is probably a symptom of the dirty air filter.