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Astronomy Report

Barak Stoltz, Crew 159


·         Sky Conditions: Clear skies.

·         Wind Conditions: Harsh winds still prevailed last night… Some hope tonight!

·         Observation Start Time: None

·         Observation End Time:   None

·         Summary: After getting the dome rotation to finally sync with the movements of the telescope it was essential for us to quickly move forwards and attempt using the CCD camera. Due to windy conditions I was still unable to open the shutter in the observatory, mother nature is not supporting this project. Luckily during this extra time, I am able to work on the Quick Guide corrections. I am hoping for optimal conditions later tonight in order to finally apply the camera use and get some nice pictures going. As of the writing of this section, 6:45 pm, it seems that the winds have calmed down. I will be going right after I send this report outside to work with the CCD camera.

·         Objects Viewed: None.

·         Problems Encountered: Wind crippling progress. Still attempting to troubleshoot software problems.