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EVA Number: Crew 159

EVA #9

EVA Date: 24th Dec 2015

Purpose of EVA: Testing the longevity of our defogging solution, as well as continuous exploration of radio contact at long distance and elevation.

Location of EVA: Picard Butte

Number of EVA Crew: 2

Crew Members going on EVA: James Giammona, Barak Stoltz


- ATV 1 Used: yes

- ATV 2 Used: no

- ATV 3 Used: yes

- ATV 4 Used: no

ATV time usage: 60 min

Duration of EVA: 2 Hrs

EVA departure time: 10:17 AM

EVA return time: 12:10 PM

Time Checks:

- 1st: 10:30

- 2nd: 10:50

- 3rd: 11:15

- 4th: 11:35

- 5th: 11:50

- 6th: 12:05

Summary: Our defogging agent is a brilliant success. After two days of EVA use the helmets have yet to fog up on us. In addition to this me and James took the ATV’s quite a distance away in order to test our radio contact at high altitudes. After a bit of a climb we had re-established radio contact with HabCom at a distance where communication was previously impossible.