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EVA Number: Crew 159

EVA #10

EVA Date: 25th Dec 2015
Purpose of EVA: Conclude radio boundary survey, take some sweet Christmas pictures.

Location of EVA: Picard Butte and areas northwest

Number of EVA Crew: 2

Crew Members going on EVA: Anna Ialeggio, Chiara Cocchiara


-        ATV 1 Used: yes
-        ATV 2 Used: no
-        ATV 3 Used: yes
-        ATV 4 Used: no

ATV time usage: 60 min

Duration of EVA: 2 Hrs

EVA departure time: 1:49 PM

EVA return time: 3:20 PM

Time Checks:

-       1st: 1:55pm
-       2nd: 2:15
-       3rd: 2:30
-       4th: 3:00
-       5th: 3:12

Summary:  EVA #10 was postponed until early afternoon due to morning ice & snow.  The weather cleared and the ground was dry, so we were able to use ATVs to access the last parts of our radio boundary survey.  Excellent views and geology of note.